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Car Mechanic For Performance & Tuning In Canterbury – MR Auto Sports

An expert car mechanic service near Canterbury is MR Autosports, the leading service provider. Some luxury and sedan class cars require highly skilled professional experts to handle the intricacies of the car. As skilled mechanics, we specialise in sophisticated makes such as Skoda, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. Our car performance shop near Canterbury is the talk of the town due to its extraordinary services and professional approach towards car mechanic services.
Our comprehensive services include supplying car parts, performance packages, car-tuning services and all other car services. Our team is our best asset as we employ qualified, well experienced mechanics, who find an enduring solution for your cars. We welcome all makes of cars in our shop, as we are passionate car lovers.

If you want high performance in your existing car, speak with one of our mechanics about your car tuning needs near Canterbury. We can provide an upgrade to your engine to improve performance and you’ll have a smoother response. It also improves fuel economy which brings down your maintenance costs.

MR Autosports offer world class services at our car performance shop and is everyone’s choice near Canterbury. We provide the following:

Car repairs expert

We are confident that our car repair expertise speaks for us. Every car has its separate mechanism and years of experience have made us the expert in this field. No books can provide you with the mastery of skills except for your experience.

Licensed car servicing and repairs

We are not just any next-door mechanic. We do not rely on trial and error, which often causes significant damage. We are leading industry experts and we have built a strong reputation as a respected, fully licensed mechanic shop near Canterbury.

Performance upgrade

We keep ourselves updated regarding new technology that can boost your car performance. We train our staff regularly and undertake professional development which keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Affordable pricing

Any service cost may be a burden on car owners, as cars need regular maintenance to ensure good mileage. However, unnecessary costs without purpose is just a waste of money. We believe in high-class services at affordable prices. Our customers’ brand loyalty shows in our competitive pricing and high-grade performance.

Qualified Master Mechanics

We consider that a cure is only possible if the diagnosis is correct. Our qualified master mechanics are selected through a professional procedure. They are degree or diploma holders from the field. They are assigned jobs that meet their level of experience and training.

Parts supplier

We do not just provide all kinds of car services. We also supply spare parts for cars. We have great relationships with manufacturers which is why we are licensed suppliers who can offer proper warranties and guarantee to give you peace of mind.

We ensure better performance and best working mechanism in your car at Canterbury. Your smile is the certificate of the outcome. We ensure ultimate customer satisfaction, as we know car owners have emotional attachments to their vehicles.